Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Who Got the Camera?" cover and tracklisting

"Who Got the Camera?" is the new EP from Gun Rule/Detroit-based emcee Kevlaar 7 of the Wisemen dropping digitally on February 1st, 2011. The message of this record is in the same vein as the music of artists like Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Immortal Technique, and Black Market Militia. That message is pure unadulterated TRUTH. It's an ugly war out there; a fight for control of the mind. It's time to wake the fuck up. And the explosive, powerful message of this record is enough to rattle a mentally dead person up out of their grave.

Here is the official tracklisting:

1. Empires - prod. by Zakat
2. Tears (Why Me) feat Zagnif Nori (of Noble Scity) and Shake C (of I.W.G.) - prod. by Bronze Nazareth
3. Coming back as... - prod. by Colonna
4. Black Heroin feat. Mystery School (Merc Versus & A Man Called Relik) and Iron Braydz (of All Elements) - prod. by Central Intelligence
5. Boulevard Article - prod. by Kevlaar 7
6. I Have a Dream - prod. by Woodenchainz
7. King's Truth - prod. by Paragone
8. Garden of Eden feat. William Cooper - prod. by BP
9. Who Got the Camera? feat Bronze Nazareth - prod. by Endemic
10. I'm Open (Changes) - prod. by Lastchild Musik
11. This World (Outro) - prod. by Kevlaar 7

The purpose of this blog is to expand and further explain the topics, information, etc. contained within the album. This will be done through documentary videos, lyrical analysis, interviews/conversations with the artist(s) and more. Stay tuned and be sure to SUPPORT THE REAL.