Sunday, March 20, 2011

New review in Slant Magazine

Check out the new review for WHO GOT THE CAMERA? in Slant Magazine. Here's a sample:

The EP is densely packed with gritty, underground hip-hop scraped up from the Rust Belt, though its composite emotional energy occasionally transcends the boundaries of genre. At heart, it's a lyrical manifestation of the messages of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and modern minds like Michael Eric Dyson and Cornel West. Kevlaar delivers mounds of information, facts, and vivid imagery, but he does it through a purling flow of wordplay and rhymes that often become aphorisms. "Through my words, I'm trying to physically reach you," he says at one point, and we realize this record is an attempt at social change through musical telekinesis. There's a thoughtful sequence to it all as well: The somnolent strings that open the EP on "Empires" lead to expressions of incrementally increasing frustration that culminates in a "call for justice!" on the title track before settling with a somber, reflective conclusion on the last two songs.

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