Friday, March 11, 2011

Some new joints

This is the opening track to the album and, along with "I Have Dream", it's my favorite on the record. One of the best Bronze Nazareth beats I've heard in a while, its emotion is channeled perfectly by the three emcees that spit over it.

Zagnif Nori, who sets the track off here, has just released a new EP of his own entitled Insignia. It is a free album with a perfect combination of rugged beats and pinpoint sharp, intelligent/gritty darts and it really serves as a great companion piece to Who Got the Camera? so I highly recommend checking it out.

Here's a track from it called "Sparring Partners":

The other guest that appears on "Why Me (Tears)" is Shake C from the Indiana conglomerate known as Ironworkers Guild (I.W.G.) and here's a BANGIN' track that features another IWG emcee Science Born, Shake C, Kevlaar 7, and also Crucial the Guillotine a producer/emcee who provided most of the beats on the Insignia EP I mentioned. Check this out:

^produced by Woodenchainz (of IWG)

And last but not least, an emcee from the UK named Cyrus Malachi recently released a new single featuring the Wisemen (Kevlaar 7, Bronze, and June Megaladon). It's produced by Endemic who is also featured on Who Got the Camera?

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